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January 10, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Claire, Abigail & I made the trip to MUSC on Sunday evening, we left later that we planed due to Claire’s father being sick, but he is much better now. We arrived in Charleston about 2000hrs and we had to get some rest because my appointment was at 0815hrs. I know this isn’t that early but we have found out that we need to be at Rutledge Tower around 0700hrs, so they will have time to draw the blood work.

We saw the doctor and he was satisfied with my condition and stated that I was still on the top of the list. He stated that the problem was getting a donor liver that was large enough for me. He said they had some livers come in but was just too small for me. He stated that a small liver would not work at all for me, so he said just hang in there and one would come available soon.

My coordinator stated that if prayer had anything to do with me getting a liver I would get one soon. She said everybody at MUSC was praying, that made me feel great coming from a place of people where they deal with liver transplants everyday. I told her that prayer was making a difference because God had gotten us to this point and in his timing all would be great.

Have a great evening and know God is watching over us all, also know we are praying for you.

God Bless You,