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Possum Gut Report & More

September 28, 2008

Hello Folks it’s your ole pal Lightning,

Well it’s Saturday evening and here I am just a sitting here in Possum Kingdom. I have thought of some lies to tell you about why I am so slow in my update but you all know me to well and you know I am slow and always late. Guess I got to be known for something!!

Words of Wisdom from a child’s view – A mom is driving her second-grade daughter and two of her friends to school one day when a fire truck zoomed past. Sitting in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian dog. The children started talking about what the dog’s duties were. One little girl said, “They use him to keep crowds back.” “No,” said another, “he’s just for good luck.” The daughter said, “No! No! They use the dogs to find the fire hydrants.”

OK now to let you know what is happening in Possum Kingdom! Well I will start off with the pterygium, you remember the eye thing. In my last posting I wrote “I will let you know what the pathology reports says, it may even be some possum gut that was just stuck to my eyeball.” Well the report is back and now we know, it was just possum gut stuck to my eye. The pathology report showed that it was benign and the eye doctors said that no follow up was needed. Well what do you know he has been right, he must have read that some where. My eye was red for a long time but is almost gone, the red not my eye. OK I am going to give you some free advice about a pterygium; you must wear eye protection from wind, dust and the sun. How do you do that; wear sun glasses that are polarized, if they are not you are not protecting you eyes; they should also have protection on the sides. As all of you know I have never worn sunglasses. I was cool enough without them; now we know the rest of the story.

Well speaking of wind, the doctors have come up with a plan as you remember in my posting back on Wednesday, August 27, 2008. OK the next step has now been taken and that was for us to figure out the best time for the surgery between Abigail’s school and Claire’s work. Well the way we figure things down here in the kingdom must include Murphy’s Law. We figured and thought and we had it planned and made that suggestion to the doctor and ole Murphy’s Law was sitting there, in other words the doctors was going to be out of town on that date. The doctor then suggested another date and we just took it because our planning was not working, but it will be in October. Once again they are going to do a VATS with talc pleuraldesis and if it works they will keep me in the hospital with a chest tube for about 3 days. If it doesn’t work he will keep me in the hospital for another week, do another surgery to place the indwelling pleural catheter and keep me for about three more days and then send me and my tube home, to live happily ever after. I do however want to tell you that if it works or don’t work we must all give praise to God, he has a reason and my duty is to see that God is glorified no matter what!

This week at a glance, well it has been a week of honey dos. See the last time I had this surgery I was on pain medication for a long time and could not do anything, even less than what I normally don’t do. Therefore I have been trying to get some of those little things out of the way; you know the ones I said I was going to wait until cooler weather. The week started off with a small job, Claire & I have wanted to do our part in the “Green” save the environment thing. That’s how the week started off; we installed a solar air conditioner in the front yard. I have also been working on solar clothes dryer and I finished it up today. The air conditioner and clothes dryer are doing great and you should see our power bill, Laurens Electric is going to owe us money soon. I will be glad to share my plans with you for no cost. Remember Ctrl + C will copy and Ctrl + V will paste. OK now you know how to copy it so here is the info. The solar powered air conditioner is a beautiful kwanza cherry tree. No it is not a small stick in the ground; it was a big tree. I ask Claire to go by the nursery and pick one out and it was so big that it took three of us to load it and it was hanging out of the back of the truck about 6 feet. The hole to put it in was 2 feet deep and about 4 feet around; of course I had a backhoe dig the hole. That little project took about 2 days planting, staking and watering but it is still alive. The solar clothes dryer was one of those projects that was spread out over about 1 week. It was 2 green post and three coated cables that made a clothes line, Claire said it only took 4 years to get. If we don’t hang clothes out; it will also provide a new roosting place for Peep our chicken-bird.

I now have taken on a task that was not even on my honey do list and that is hooking up the electrical to our carport, shed and building, the wire has been in the ground for 3 years; now I am going to use it. The time has grown late and I now must close, so good night to all I will talk to you soon.

God Bless You,



Eye Surgery – Pterygium Removal

September 3, 2008

Good Evening,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to take just a moment and bring you up to date on today’s events. Well as you knew I had to have that thing on my left eye removed and it certainly was a eventful day. Oh I am sorry I thought you knew about the eye thing, well it is called a pterygium, a eye thing.

Well the morning started off with a quick trip to Belton to ship my latest sale on e-Bay, oh; you did not know I was selling on e-Bay, well look at my PayPal account and you still could not tell it. I returned home just in time to get ready to head out to Medicus. You know how hospitals, doctor’s offices and doctors are; they all want you there before you need to be just so they can put you on hold and wait for a while. Well the morning at Medicus started off great, I got a hug from Marie and then just like any other woman she wanted money, I gave her all the plastic I had and that was enough for her to send me on to the next woman who wanted to inflict pain on me some how. They carried me in this big room with curtains and recliners, don’t sound bad right. Well then it was all of these ladies coming at me from separate sides of the room and they had backed me into a corner and there was no way out. Just as I reached the corner they smiled and knew I was down for the count, they was polite and said wanna have a seat. I had though for a moment of how to answer that question because coming from a woman, a man is going to answer wrong. I decided that I would out smart them and I said sure and I sat down with a smile on my face thinking, yelp I just beat them at their own game. I was wrong the one on the left came with a butterfly in hand, no it did not have pretty colors, it was a dad blame needle and she gigged me right in the left had and she just smiled as she walked away with pride saying to herself yelp got him and he did not see it coming! The other nurse was helping in the attack because she had me distracted with rapid firing questions. Then as the first attack was over they pulled the curtain and left me deep in the corner. I sat in the corner as a trapped rat wondering were the cat was. Time went buy but the talked never ceased so I knew they were close by. I felt that making a break for it was like running into the enemy; they were all around so I sat quietly, hoping they would forget me. After about a hour I was thinking, OK I don’t want to play any longer come on and fix this eye thing. Then out of now where, a new nurse, I though where did she come from and what did she want? She came bearing drugs, she then carried me to where all I could see was bright lights in the sky(room). I arrived in the room with staff working hard, preparing the room, then drops and a paste in the ole eye. Moments later the good Doc. arrived and wanted to get started so they draped a sheet over my face and it had one hole in it and it wound up over my left eye. They then gave me more drugs and someone had a blame light in my eye and I could not see a thing. 30 minutes or so later everything was over. I was no longer the center of attention, so the next thing I knew I was going on another ride. The doctor said everything looked well and there were no need to return to him unless I have problems. He would be in touch with me about the pathology report. I arrived home and have been much lazier than I have been earlier. I will let you know what the pathology reports says, it may even be some possum gut that was just stuck to my eyeball.

God Bless You & Good Night,