Good Afternoon All,

WOW this has been such an awesome week. I have some much to tell you. Let me start with another miracle of God.

Last Saturday morning, July 26, my great friend Steve received the phone call that would forever change his life and end that long painful wait of being on the list for a kidney and pancreas transplant. Life on the waiting list is so unbelievable, because you live at home out of a suit case and the tension grows with each ringing of the phone.

Steve and his wife began their journey to Charleston and endured the long uncertain wait in the hospital. The wait is also very tense because every time someone walks in the room your are afraid they are going to deliver those words most all of us hear during the time on the list and that is we are sorry, the organ is no good and you come home. This call for Steve was different because when they arrived in Charleston they went straight to a room and was planning on surgery later that day. They also received word from their son, who is a pilot and has been deployed for yet another tour at war, that he got the message about the phone call and he was finished with his current tour and would be headed to Charleston as well. The day turned into night and the night turned into day and then the nurse walked in with those words you hope to hear, It’s A Go. Just as soon as those pleasant words bounce off of the ear drums, she then changes her tone.

It is that of a drill sergeant but yet that of a nurse with her hat on to tight. She changes from lovely words to verbally slapping you for not being ready to go to surgery and telling you, you must hurry it is time to go. I spoke with Steve’s wife last Sunday and the surgery was still on going but it was going very well.

Justin and Anne-Miller came to church with us last Sunday, July 27 and then on to the house for dinner.Claire had to work but she arranged a large dinner for us all. Daddy & Deda, Meleeda & Anthony and Melissa & Hailey all came out and brought a bite to eat and we all ate very well.

It was Claire’s special receipt of BBQ ribs with Deda’s Baked Beans and Yeast rolls and Meleeda’s Tater Salad, you know all those healthy trimmings. You know when you get a bunch of Baptist Medlocks together, there is going to be some good vittles and a lot of belly rubbing. The dinner was finished and the table was cleared then the stories started. Daddy & Deda left first and then followed that up with a phone call to come to their gazebo for home made peach ice cream.

Now that was a way to finish a mighty fine dinner. Anne-Miller did not say it but now she knows how all of us Medlocks got our good looks; it is from good ole eating.

The conversations then started and before we knew it, the ice cube in the shirt lead to a very wet water battle. During the water battle, the dogs Rebel, Samson & Leroy got their share of the ice cream and they liked it as well. Clothes had to be dried and then the day came to an end and the understanding that every good time must come to an end. Justin, Anne-Miller and Leroy went there way, well only for a little while. Justin forgot some of his stuff and it had to be retrieved. Claire made the statement that Anne-Miller better get use to that because he got that from me. I felt that was not true but every one else seems to agree.

I called and talked with Steve’s wife and she told me the surgery was over and everything went well and he was already back in his room. I spoke with Steve on Monday and he sounded great but with a sore throat. He told me that his pancreas was already working and there was no need for insulin. The week went on and he continued to get better. He had a fever on Wednesday and that brought less than a fun day he said. He said that they removed every tube that they had put in him, even the ones placed by the surgeons. Then they put all of the tubes back, but praise God they stopped the cause of the fever and on Friday he was released from the hospital, but will have to reside in the Charleston area for about a week. Steve wrote an e-mail today and spoke of the miracles God has given him. This is Steve’s second kidney transplant, as his mother gave him the first one about 18 years ago. Steve’s anti-rejection meds are low so he is thinking the match was pretty close. When they are looking for a match there are 6 items they are try to match. Sorry I don’t know what the six are if I did I would be putting some doctor out of work. Steve and his mother had a 4 out of 6 match. A twin would be a 6 out of 6 and he feels his match must be between those two numbers. Speaking of Steve’s feelings they seem to be softer now as his donor was a female.

May God bless her family and give them comfort knowing the Gift of Life they have shared has impacted so many people, even in her death, life continues, and for that we Thank Them. If this family had not allowed her to be a donor Steve would be closer to dying, but praise God he is now getting well. To Steve and his family congratulations on such a successful transplant, thank you to all who are seeing to Steve’s good health and most of all Praise God for answered prayers. Another great thing from Steve’s transplant is he has the same home health nurse I had as I am sure they both told some lies on me, but I now have her e-mail address, all of you know that she is now in trouble because the words of wisdom e-mail from Possum Kingdom.

Well I had another visit with the vampires on this past Monday and of course all they wanted was my blood; I am still waiting for the results. I am having a time with this heat, I hate to admit it but the doctors were right again. They told me not to get hot, but I am a little slow sometimes, and every time I do I regret it because I break out and sometimes have blisters where the bandage is, covering my plural catheter. Claire has found an ostomy nurse who says she can help with this problem, hopefully this week. I just received my follow up appointment with Dr. Sahn for August 22, 2008. We are not sure what he plans but we know God is in control.

God is strong as ever in Possum Kingdom, we are having new Christians join the family of God and spreading God’s word. In the Sunday School class I teach, Open Arms, we are studying the great book of Revelations. God teaches us not what has happened but what will happen, come and join us at Cedar Shoals Baptist Church on Cooley Bridge Rd. Sunday School 0930hrs and preaching with Pastor Mike King at 1030hrs. We have Wednesday night service starting at 1930hrs and on Sunday nights at 1800hrs & 1900hrs.

I am going to finish up with some Words Of Wisdom! Guys this is for you and I am sure that most of you already know this, I know I am a little slow. This is the Words Of Wisdom part; Don’t ask your wife, girlfriend if she would like some flowers to plant. She will of course answer yes, but she turned a deaf ear to the part about planting. OK this is what can happened, you say I can get some flowers to plant and she will figure which spot of the yard is the hardest and say I want them planted here.

She has some other sort of urgent task to complete away from the house and of course does not return (finish) until after dark and then decides it is to dark to plant the flowers. She will however question about the status of the flower bed. Lesson learned, don’t try to impress the lady of your life by deciding where the flower bed should go on your own, you may be smart but I assure you, you are not that intelligent.

God Bless You,



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  1. Vicky Says:

    Hi. You don’t know me but I just went to MUSC a couple of weeks ago and found out that I need a kidney transplant. I found your blog and I am glad to see you are doing well with your transplant. If you would like you can visit my blog at
    I am still waiting on the phone call from the transplant team to be evaluated….so I am in the very beginning stages of this. Even though we have different circumstances, I find peace in reading your blog. Thanks!

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