Sorry, I am still here.

Boys and Girls get ready cause do I have a story to tell.

I also have some whining and crying to do.

Well let me get my whining and crying over with before I tell you my story. As we all know by now and are sick and tired of looking and hearing about my 43 birthday every time you click on the blog, but since then I have had some troubles. I have had the chance to try out some new software that is just awesome, but my high speed internet connection, upload speed, was to slow to work well with the software. I then went in search for a higher speed on the upload side. This new software my give me the chance I have been looking for. This is an idea that I could make some money while being at home, so on those bad days when all I want to do is stay inside, as long as I could get to my computer I could still be productive. Any way I started with WildBlue who I am using as my high speed internet connection, they told me that 80 to 120 kbps is good and all I would get. I then went to Charter and pleaded with them, their line stopped less than a mile from my house and they all but laughed at me. They did however tell me I could pay them to bury the line to my house for 100 dollars a foot, guess who started laughing then. I then turned to AT&T, who explained there status like this; they always have a projected date on file as to when an area switch will be up dated and bring fiber in the area. They looked up my address and said well that is odd there is not projected date even down to start thinking about start thinking. In other words long time from now. They did however offer me an air card for 30 days free to try it, they said their upload speed was much greater than what I was getting from WildBlue, if the service was good in the area. Well guess what? Maps don’t tell the whole story. It would get service every now and then but would not connect most of the time, reminded me of my old dial up. They also bundled my services and gave me stuff I don’t need but it helped bring my over all cost down, they even told me with my discounts my June bill would only be $8.00 and if I need to cancel I would have no problems. Well after it did not work I then got my $280.00 June phone bill, so we talked, the sweet lady on the other end got upset and so did I, but she then transfered me to another sweet lady who fixed the bill and told me how to return the air card. In the first day or two after getting the AT&T card, WildBlue went out. I started working on getting that problem fixed, they told me that just because I had clear skies over head in Possum Kingdom did not mean a cloud could be messing up my WildBlue service. I had to wait until a large area around Possum Kingdom had no clouds and then they said yelp looks like something is wrong with your equipment, this only took 4 phone calls and 3 days plus a weekend. They then told me that my equipment was out of warranty, so for a service man to come out it would be $95.00 and if he had to replace something outside it would be $145.00 more and if he replaced something on the inside it would be another $185.00. They then offered me a 3 month warranty for $115.00 and that would cover inside and outside, but I had to sign a 2 year contract with them. The contract bothered me because not knowing if I was going to have to go to some other ISP or not. Claire was also complaining about her on-line class was so slow and she was having a hard time trying to get on-line with the air card. I then went to Sprint and got an air card from them, same deal free for 30 days, it worked but only on certain moments. I then gave in to WildBlue because I had to get something working so I told them just come on and fix it, I was in a bind and I had to have service. They said OK and they scheduled it for me so the service man would be here on July 26. I said that would be a problem because of my wife’s class and they said if I got it working before the service man arrived to call them and they would cancel the work order. I then found someone who is out there for the customer and what do you know he is from the Upstate, Abbeville. Randy is my new found friend from Green’s Service Center. Randy listen to my issues and he knew from the blinking lights on my modem that the problem was outside. I had already check my connections to be sure they were not loose and all were OK. He told me what parts I needed so I got them and when I was changing it on Thursday July 17, I found the problem. I had a wire on the transmit side that had been heated and was now corroding, looked just like bad wires in a house fire, so Randy sent me the end I needed and I got it up and working. WOW I feel better now because I got to tell you this, I was proud that I found the problem and it was only a .50 cent end. I tried to explain all of this to Claire but all she knew was it did not work and now it does, but what took so long, Women!! Anyway the end of this long month since my last posting has been lost in the wonderful word of technology. But I am back now.

On June 30, 2008 I went to Charleston by my self for a six month check up with my liver doctor. I knew this would be just a 10 minute doctor’s visit but it had to be done and besides it was time for some good ole Shrimp N Grits at the Charleston Crab House. I had an appointment around 11:00AM and left the office around 2:00PM, but you know me I had a good time. Got to see some of the nurses and doctors that has helped me along the way, they even acted like they were glad to see me. My Nurse Coordinator Dru was working so hard for me, she had to work on some paperwork for the insurance company and it was full of dumb questions and just took a while. I did not mind, it gave me a longer time to talk to all of those folks. Dr. Willner came in and said everything looked great about my liver, but he was not pleased with the long term plan for the fluid in my lung area. I have concluded that the drought in Possum Kingdom has not affected the flow from my lung. He is planning on changing some medication and he has referred me back to Dr. Sahn. I am waiting on the next Ship N Grits date.

Claire has a great opportunity at work, she has been in the ER for 23 years and the average ER nurse last 3 to 5 years. She is not leaving the ER department but she is moving down to Minor Care, same address different building. I am so proud of her and for her. This will be a slower pace and a whole lot less stress, so maybe I can get her to work more over time. You know a man’s toys are expensive and they change so often.

Well during this down time between postings, some other happenings has taken place. One is Justin is getting older and thank God I am to.

Justin just turned 21 and you know he makes me so proud. I did not get to see him on his birthday so when I called him around 9:30 PM the night of his birthday, I ask him what he was doing. He said got off work, ate a bite and been studying ever since, then Leroy his dog spoke up and confirmed he was at home. He also has another turn of events in his life besides working two jobs for Winthrop and football coaching starting up, he is sweet on a young lady.
I am proud for him, he is dating this lovely young lady from Greenwood. She is so pretty and respectful but on top of that she is smart to. I think he has hit a jack pot with her and I think she is well pleased with Justin & Leroy. Of course Justin had to be sure she could pass one test and that was Leroy, she passed, he approves. She also is working and going to school in Greenwood. When this relationship appeared I though well since Possum Kingdom is between Winthrop and Greenwood he might find his way down her more guess what, he hasn’t but that’s OK, he is doing well and happy and so am I.

Abigail is having a great summer also she has been working and helping me a lot around the house and she is growing up so fast. She is also taking a one day class, a week to keep her studying habits good over the summer break.
My favorite sister, Meleeda has worked with Abigail and Meleeda’s two grandkids during the summer. You know when I think about Meleeda having grandkids I realize how old she is getting. Meleeda has kept the studies fun with some sort of fun actives at the end of each study, like picnics, swimming, baking ect.
This has surprised me how much Abigail looks forward to each class.

Well as most of you know how I love to run my mouth. You also know how much I loved my job, but you may not have know one of the parts of my job I really enjoyed and that it interviewing people. An expert interviewer once said a good interview is like opening up someone’s head , turn them upside down and see what falls out.

I have been helping what little I can with my local fire department, South Greenville Fire Department, to help establish a well rounded investigations unit. Just a week or so a go I was asked to help with some interviews and of course I agreed. It turned into a interview marathon, we interviewed several folks in the span of over 16 hours straight. We were tired but we sure got a lot of great information. I sure am lucky to have the chance to be involved in the fire service, but most of all the great friends, brothers and sisters I have in the fire service. Of course that goes for law enforcement and ems also.

Chief Taylor of South Greenville Fire Department is just an outstanding Chief to work with and of course I had the great opportunity to work with him across the river, Chief Taylor has allowed me to remain a part of the fire service even with all my bad days that’s alright with him. I will always be indebted to Chief Taylor for this opportunity he has given me and ask nothing in return, he is a excellent Fire Chief, friend and brother. South Greenville has given me the chance to work with another great brother, friend and expert and that is Bum. He says he has a name that’s not hard to live up to, but he far exceeds any goals his name may make. Bum and I started our careers side by side, he was the 26th person hired at South Greenville and I was the 27th. Besides his fire service and other side line expertises he has, he is one heck of a fisherman or shrimperman.

Any way he is doing a lot of shrimping and he brought me 3 pounds of 150 pounds that he caught on Monday. Abigail and I ate all three pound for supper tonight and I just though I had eaten some good shrimp in the past, now I know what good shrimp taste like.

We have just finished up our vacation bible school at church, I sure did learn a lot. I have not been to bible school since I was a child, but this year I wanted to help. I helped with the kickoff, ran the sound system and taught 2 nights of the adult class. It was more fun for me than most of the kids. You know sometimes you wonder if you are just spinning your wheels but when the preacher got up and read the names of the children that gave there hearts to Jesus that made every moment worth while. Next time you have a chance to help in vacation bible school try it you will learn a whole lot.

Well I guess I had better get to going, told the wife I was working on bills, so I gotta get to them and get to bed won’t be long til church time.

God Bless You,


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