43 Years Ago…………….

Well, well, well today is not just another day in the Kingdom. Why? 43 years ago today a beautiful young couple was in the hospital awaiting the arrival, of what turned out to be, their favorite son and nightmare for their favorite daughter. Yes a new life arrives, not far from Possum Kingdom and as the years past a lot of things have change. One thing as you might know, this day 43 years ago was the only time I was little after that day, I was younger but never little again. Mama has answered a higher calling and left us way too soon, but God commanded us to go forward, we have and life has. Changes are always in the awaiting moment, we are too busy to acknowledge the moments until they have come to past. One change that I again, look forward to is my birthday. My beautiful daughter reminds me how wonderful birthdays were in my younger days. The meaning however changes with the years; in the young year we look forward to our birthday to receive the gifts. In my 20’s & 30’s I did not think much about birthdays, they came along as just another day and even sometimes a day to lie about your age, because remaining young was always on the mind. Today at the age of 43, I thank God for my birthday. The past couple of birthdays I started thinking about how they were almost my last birthdays and I don’t care how many birthdays you have had you should always look forward to the next one.

I thank God for my family as they have put their lives on hold for me, they have stopped their priorities to be sure I was always comfortable; I know I can never repay them but thank God I am here to try or at least here to harass my wife, son & daughter. I was thinking yesterday in church of how privileged I am to have a loving God who sent his son, at an early age, to die for me. I also have the love and support from my wife, son and daughter, to have a wonderful father’s day but every day is wonderful because of them. Father’s Day is one of the days that I stop and think of how much I enjoy being a father. My sister and her family have always been there for me to pick on, lean on and even cry on and for her to make pictures of me, in some of my most flattering moments. Yesterday however I sat in church thinking today is father’s day and I wanted to honor God, our heavenly father and as I sat there I knew I was, just by being in his house on Sunday worshiping him. I also sat in the choir loft wanting so badly to get up and tell my earthly father how wonderful he is, I was so full of emotions I could not speak. You know as you get older you think you will have the chance to repay your parents and help take care of them. God changed that for me, because Daddy is still taking care of me and always checking on me, asking the question that comes from his heart, how are you today and is there anything I can do for you. I am at the age that I though I would have the world in my hands and would not need any help from anyone. God stopped me in my tracks and showed me he has the world in his hands and only he can handle it. I do however feel sorry for all of you, well except my sister, because we have the best Daddy in the world. He has always been there from that first breath I drew and still there even today. Mama however reached a level in her life earlier than we though, but we should have known, that level was what we all aim for, to reach heaven. I have more things to do and learn before I reach that level. I thank God for Mama and her teachings and I guess even some of her hickories, they both have made a lasting impression on my life. Daddy however continues to share his wisdom day by day; he gives me knowledge that can’t be learned from a book. Daddy, Thank You, you are the best. You have set the bar high and I hope one day I can be a fraction of the father to my children that you are to us. Daddy you also set another bar high, that being a man of God, you walk the walk, sometimes a man of few words that are spoken so loud I can only hope to show God the love that you show him. I hope one day I can repay you for what you have given me. Daddy has also given me something else that I never dreamed of, that is a wonderful step-mother. She has never tried to take Mama’s place but she has created a place in my heart that I did not know there were room for and an even larger extended family that has been there for me all the way.

Father’s day did not end there with my thoughts because on June 19, 1996 my best friend became my wife and with that she shared her great father with me. PaPa’ you are a man of many works and few, soft but powerful words. You also give me that Godly example to strive far and show how God will take care of you all of your life and you have proved a Christian Life is a great life. Happy Father’s Day, PaPa’! With a great Christian man comes a great Christian woman, MawMa also reached heaven early in her life, a Christian example and a great woman.

Well I have babbled on but I hope you understand how much Father’s Day means to me and how I cherished my second Father’s Day (since my transplant) and now always look forward to my birthday.

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day and look forward to your birthday no matter what your age is.

God Bless You,
If you meet me and forget me you lose nothing……
If you meet my God and forget him you lose everything……..

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