Sun Shinning On Our Tater Hill

Well for the most of you sun shine is not a big deal, but we here in Possum Kingdom are proud because that gives us some time off. Time off you ask? Yes because here in Possum Kingdom we only have 3 main stop signs and we have no way to prewarn people of the approaching stop sign. So we have to take turn about shinning our flash lights in the eyes of the drivers and then shine it on the stop signs. It works really well, well most of the time. I’ll tell you what happened but you must understand tha it was not on my watch. One of our local residence was on his tour of duty, picture this he is a stump of a man, over six feet, almost 500 pounds, beard and overalls. He also has a mental condiction with a big 6 clyinder word, be we here in Possum Kingdom just know that Bubba is just crazy. Well he was watching the signs and just at dark thirty he had to vehicle approaching at he same time. This is a touchy situation for most of us to handle, but Budda had a unique way of handling it. The car approaching from thr right blew their horn and scared the dirt right out from under Bubba, so there he goes up in the air and there must have been enough cross wind to catch this mountain of a man. He landed right on top of the that rich man who was rambling around down here that day in his high dollar Volvo, us country folks call that a sissy car, you know if it ain’t a Chevy, Ford or John Deere no need to drive it. Bubba being the young man he was will try anything, when he labded on the roof of the car he made the moment as good as he could. He sat up on that well dented roof and started a political type way to the crowds of peope that gathered. When the driver got out and being a city guy he started in on Bubba and when Bubba broke 4 of the five fingers on the stranger’s hand, just to say hey. The city guy deceided that just because the roof now sat where passengers usually sat, that he would just head on back to the city and he appoliged to Bubba. We never did see that guy around here again.

OK on to health things, Claire is doing better, so well I was able to get her in there today so she can get some of that weekend money. Justin, Abigail are doing great, Justin will finish he exams next week and Abigail is just getting spoiled. Claire went with the 3rd grade on Friday to Columbia, way to go Ma. Abigail retured from that trip to only pack for a beach this weekend with the Acteens .

I have spoken with the doctor’s office in Charleston and telling tell lets go forward with the VATS w/talc. We are hoping to have it done sometime in June, but we will have to see. Have a great week, Smile because God Love You.

God Bless You,


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