Proud Daddy

Well all of you know that I am a proud Daddy of two youngins and today God just gave me another reason to brag. Most of you know that Justin is a junior at Winthrop with his major being Physical Education with a teacher’s certification. Today at the Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education and Wellness Center the Distinguished Alumni in Physical Education held their awards breakfast and we were invited because Justin was receiving an award. He was awarded the Mary Wylie Ford award, this award is given in honor of the former chair of the Physical Education Department. Dr. Ford received her undergraduate degree in physical education from Winthrop. After teaching and earning both master’s and doctoral degrees, she returned to Winthrop as a member of the physical education department. She then became department chair, a position she held for more than 30 years. This award is given as a tribute to Dr. Ford’s professional service throughout her career and goes to a senior physical education major who demonstrates professional promise. Justin is the 16 student to receive this honor.

I sure am a proud Daddy from Possum Kingdom, this goes to prove that someone from Possum Kingdom can walk and chew chewing gum at the same time and spell.

Dr. Mary Wylie Ford and Justin
In closing one of Justin’s Professor’s gave him a complement that really made him shine. She said that when Winthrop was talking about becoming a co-ed campus she was dead set against it, she felt that it should always be a women’s only campus. She said that if she had known that it was going to bring young men there like Justin she would have always been for the idea.
OK my head has swollen and I have a tear in my eyes so I must go now.
Justin just know that God and all of your family are very proud of you and we love you!!!
Good Night and God Bless You,

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