Update From Our Tater Hill

Good Afternoon Everyone,

First of all I want to clear up something, Claire ask what I was talking about and I had to explain it to her last night and I got to thinking about it today and decided maybe I should explain it to you also. I won’t tell anyone if you did not get my joke either. Anyway what I am talking about is the comment I put in the last post “My mind is just too tired to share, well in other word you know me and know I don’t know nothing, the doctors are still trying to figure out what that dot was on the brain scan they ran.” OK it was a joke, me talking about the size of my brain, you know, like they ran a scan looking for my brain and all they saw was a dot!! It was a funny, so now laugh, but please don’t get mad at me. I was afraid some one would read it like Claire did and think I was talking about a spot on my brain, no my meaning was my brain was the size of a dot. I sure hope you understand and I hope one day Claire will get it also. So we all know now why I don’t write for the funny papers! HaHa Laugh with me now HaHa

Now this part is serious, Claire had her surgery today and all went well, I got her home already and she is settling back in my recliner. I think she is going to try to make me wait on her and I will hand and foot. She is on a long nap right now so I can get by with anything. I must go now and get her some drugs. Thanks for the prayers, visits and phone calls. You are too good to us. Our God is an Awesome God!!! Thank You God for the Answered Prayers!!

God Bless You,


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