Tater Hill News From Possum Kingdom

Hello Everybody,

Well things here in Possum Kingdom are SpRiNgInG right along!! I am not going to fill your minds with a wealth of information tonight and I know you are sad. My mind is just too tired to share, well in other word you know me and know I don’t know nothing, the doctors are still trying to figure out what that dot was on the brain scan they ran.

Anyway the past two week have been full for us out here on our tater hill. All last week I just sat at the house, not felling like doing nothing but was not sick, I call it fluid build up; some people call it fat and lazy. Then my darling wife, Claire became sick. I had to get her up and going so she could go to work and make some money. She tried real hard and she finally gave in. I don’t have to tell you about how hard headed an ole ER nurse is!! I knew she did not feel well, but when she told me she had an appointment with the doctor I knew she was really sick, like fill out part of the tomb stone kind of sick. Now that sickness has lead to surgery. She is going to be all right because she has got to get back to work, I might even sign her up for some over time!!

Please put Claire on your prayer list and ask God’s will to be with Claire, the surgeon and all the staff. I know I pick on my darling wife but she is so special to me and when she hurts I hurt so bad, I wish I could take her place on the operating table but I can’t. Please pray for Abigail as well, she told me that she had to be there with her Mama because she is always there when someone has surgery. I had to explain to her that she had to go on to school and then when she got home she is going to have to help take care of Mama. Please pray for Justin as well, as he is traveling on school business and he was going to cancel his trip when I called him and told him about Claire being sick. We have convinced him to continue on with his studies and everything will be fine here.

Thank you for your prayers,

God Bless You,



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