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Happy Spring 2008

March 21, 2008

Let me tell you about Spring in Possum Kingdom!

Well I will start with Words of Wisdom, as you have noticed that as Spring arrives one thing you should be very alert to and that is green pastures. Yelp green pastures mean don’t stand at the South End of a Cow that is headed North!!!!! If you just don’t get it drive to the county this week end and watch North bound Cows from the South End. I will have to carry Claire out in the pasture so she will understand this one, won’t take long. A quick but true story. When I was about 7 years old one Spring Sunday afternoon we was down at our neighbors, Hayne and Mary’s, and remember after church on a Spring day. This was one of the times in my life I was little. Daddy and Hayne was going to walk through the pasture and look at the cows. I just had to go with them; Mama told be careful and don’t get your clothes dirty. I was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a white button up shirt, knee socks and black dress shoes. I was holding Daddy’s hand with my right hand and Hayne’s hand with my left. They were talking and not paying much attention to me but that was OK I was holding their hand and every time I got to a cow pile, cow pattie, I would jump and they would pull me over the cow pile. Well this was fun and there was a big green juicy pile, so fresh the flies had not found it yet. I went to jump as always and my grip in there hand lost connection and I plopped in the middle of the cow pile. I jumped up and ran back to Mama and said Daddy made me do it, it was not funny so stop grinning from ear to ear.

Yelp spring has arrived here in Possum Kingdom and everything is blooming and of course we have a fresh new crop of Fire Ants. I had an experience with them this afternoon like never before, I was setting out a vine and the ants were in the soil that the vine was in and I though nothing of them when they bit me. I just squeezed each one and enjoyed watching it die between my fingers. I received about 6 bites, killed them and going on. In about 15 minutes my head started pounding, not a headache but just hearing my heart beat. Then my head got hot and I felt as if I had a bad sun burn, with my big cowboy hat on right. I finally made it to the house, feeling so bad I did not feel like answering my phone when it rang. Well anyway after I was treated by my in house nurse it was determined that I must have had a reaction to the bites. After about 2 hours and some meds I got to feeling better.

No other medical news, waiting on an appointment with another surgeon and we will go from there.

We had a meeting in Greenville last Monday night at Greenville Memorial Hospital and we got our official training from LifePoint, we had a great turn out, great meeting and great food, because my ole buddy Steve Carr went out begging for food and he received a lot of fresh good food. If you think about it I can not go out begging for food it just won’t work, a fat guy asking for food for a meeting yeah right. Steve made that tear in their eye and they gave food right out of the mouths of their own children. I am looking forward to my next speaking engagement, not sure where it will be but that will be OK, just whatever God has in mind for me, I will go.

I hope you have gotten into the right mind set for what happen many years ago on that mountain and on that cross and the reason we celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ is not in the tomb; he has risen and is at the right hand of God Almighty. Praise God. Heaven is just a prayer away.

God Bless You,
Good Night because it is already dark,
and remember
If you meet me and forget me you lose nothing…….
If you meet my God and forget Him you lose everything……



Live From Possum Kingdom it’s Friday Night

March 15, 2008

Good Evening All,

I hope your evening is going well. I am having one of those days and nights that I just don’t feel good but nothing is wrong.

I have some news from Charleston and I was hoping that I could give you all of the details at once but I can’t. The news is the lung doctor in Charleston has told me officially that all of the test ran proved nothing about where the fluid in my chest is coming from. He furthermore stated that there was no other test. He was holding out for a leak from my transplant, but no proof of that. He now is suggesting another pleurodesis with talc; you know that’s the surgery that I have whined so much about, because it hurts so badly. Oh well, I have not agreed to the surgery yet but I have a great group of doctors I am polling right now for their opinion. I have been told that it can take two or three of these procedures before they work.

OK now this is my Possum Kingdom Red Neck theory.
There was only about a 70% chance of it working the first time and I hit that 30% group. My thoughts are what has changed, my answer is nothing. That is when my local lung doctor told me it could take two or three times. I of course have other options, one is where they make a bigger hole and go in and scrape the entire outer lining of the lung and make it irritated and therefore it would stick and of course there is the procedure where they strip the outer lining off with their hands and it would stick. The other question that I had to get answered is that if the leak was coming from some where else after the chest area was stopped up what then? They told me the fluid would go some where else but it would not cause as much of a problem as it does in the chest cavity. So if my belly don’t stick out enough it could have a few more liters put in it. He told me that it could be drained from my belly as well, sounds like new fun to me!!

Anyway I am gonna talk to some other docs and do a lot of praying for the answer, and the answer will be in God’s will and time.

FYI – We have had our second meeting of Christian Firefighters and we now have a web-site and we will be posting prayer request and concerns as well as meeting information. Go to and check out our web-site and come and join us. It is under construction so keep checking, it will be running full force soon.

God Bless You,
Thank You,