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Well I guess you have thought that I forgot about you and that is not the truth. The truth is I have not felt like writing in my blog. I have not felt like doing anything, yesterday I read and cleaned up my e-mail. I sure do thank you for all of your prayers, I am glad our God does not mind repeated request. Your prayers and God’s blessing have allowed me to get to feeling better. I am still whining about one thing and that is my stomach. The doctor told me I tore my stomach muscles while I was coughing so bad because my muscles were still weak from the transplant. I like this doc’s definition of what muscles are, people have always told me that was fat now we know it is muscle.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I went to Charleston for these last rounds of tests. We still know nothing about the test. I am going to call them tomorrow if I have no news today.

I have some awesome news to share with you, on Sunday February 17; our daughter Abigail was baptized, God is awesome. Preacher Mike stated that being saved was so simple that even a child could understand. Who is Preacher Mike? He is our new pastor at Cedar Shoals Baptist Church in Possum Kingdom, God just keeps blessing us. Please keep Preacher Mike in your prayers along with Preacher Frank. Preacher Frank has a new church in Anderson and God is blessing and challenging him in this new adventure. Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us, and we so often only use that tool in bad time, pray in the good times as God will make them better also.

I am excited about a new road that I along with others am traveling. That road is called transition because we now are a part of the new era of public education in organ donation for SC. You know how proud I am to be a part of making people aware of the need of organ donation. You know I have been a volunteer with Donate Life SC since my transplant. We now have an old organization that has taken on a new role of public awareness, LifePoint Inc. We the volunteers are now a part of a big organization that will allow us to get the word out for the need of organ donation. What happened to Donate Life SC? Donate Life SC are in the role of the state registry only! WOW to be a part of such a great organization as LifePoint Inc. is truly an honor, so thank you LifePoint Inc. for allowing me and the other faithful volunteers the honor of being a part of such a great organization. Check out LifePoint Inc. at http://www.lifepoint-sc.org/ Please remember get your heart right with God before it’s to late and then commit to help save the life of someone else, when you are gone, through organ donation and please tell your next of kin of your wishes.

I have some other exciting news and that is on Saturday March 1, 2008 I will be one of two speakers at Mt. Bethel Baptist Church Wild Game Supper, there will be about 300 + men there in fellowship and good ole eating, keep your eyes open for the failed Possum crossing yeilds, so if you can please come join us as I will tell you how God humbled me and how he has now opened new doors in my life. Just remember ain’t no plate sharing on the failed Possum crossings. Mt Bethel Baptist Church is located in Anderson County right at the Abbeville County line at 2603 Due West Hwy. Belton, SC 29627. We hope to see ya there, you can even bring your own road kill.

Finally for the latest weather report from Possum Kingdom, today sunny and cool with a breeze 100mph or so, so unless you eat a second helping of failed Possum crossing last night you better put some rocks in your pockets or you will be visiting you neighbors. Don’t worry Mark I am not a threat to the world of weather forecasting, just fact telling in Possum Kingdom.

God Bless You,
Thank You for all you do for me and others,


One Response to “Possum Kingdom News”

  1. usmcsky Says:


    I just found your blog. I am in the Possum Kingdom area and finding someone in the area that blogs is a true treat.

    Congrats on your daughter’s baptism. That is a pleasure that I share with you. My daughter was baptized last year and it was a wonderful feeling.

    Well, it has been a month since your last post. I hope that you feeling better and that your tests all came out ok.

    God Bless,


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