Sick but at Home

Quick update on me, I got sick Tuesday night and on Wednesday the doctors got with me, you know I have one doctor up here to consult and two doctors in Charleston and I have to keep them all on the same page, sometimes quite a task. My lung doctor and my local doctor thought that my lung catheter may be infected. Since somewhere around two months is all they leave them in people, normally. I have just crossed my fifth month. Those test so far have showed the lung catheter to be OK, some test are still out. The lung doctor said that after he checked me out he thought that I had something viral going on causing me to feel extra bad. He did however go ahead and conduct other test such as a CT to look for pockets in my chest cavity and be sure the lung is OK and that the catheter is still where they want it.

When I was down in November and he ran the other nuclear medicine test, there was a national shortage on nuclear medicine. He checked while I was down there and they were able to go ahead and conducted the second nuclear test. Well this is the one that I was kind of dreading because they have to stick a needle between your toes and inject the nuclear medicine in there and watch it flow through your lymph system. Well I was wrong about the test. It was not one shot between your toes it was four shots between four different toes, two on each foot. They said even at MUSC they only do this test about once every three months, glad I got in that number. That study will see if they can find a leak in my lymph system and allow the fluid to track to my lung. Anyway after a full day, starting at 0800hrs at MUSC we arrived back at the motel around 1900hrs last evening.
We arrived home today about 1630hrs, Saturday.

God Bless You,
Pelham, Claire & Abigail


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