Possum Kingdom Words Of Wisdom

Greetings From Possum Kingdom,

I hope all is well and I hope you are having a wonderful day or a beautiful night if it is already dark.

Word Of Wisdom
Well as we all know of the tradition last week with the Groundhog and you may or may not believe that the Groundhog can predict the future weather. On the issue of maybe or maybe not, we here in Possum Kingdom have a sure prediction that has been tested for years and we know it to be a fact. That is here in Possum Kingdom we have Possum Night, that is to see if the Possum can cross the road with out becoming road kill, well the test has once again added to the factual results, the Possum can still not get past that second yellow line in the road, oh well Happy Possum Night.

OK I will try to be serious now, I want to try to catch you up since I have been dragging my heals, really I have been chasing my Possum, trying to keep him from being a statistic. He is just hanging around right now, so I wanted to catch you up.

Just to recap a little, about the last two postings, I told you how I was in Charleston, to see the doctor for my one year check up, which by the way my year was up last Tuesday. The liver doctor said that my liver was doing fine, but he had some concerns about some of my blood work, he discovered I had red blood. He changed some of my medication and scheduled blood work the following week. I wanted to wait so I could tell you about those test, but as you know I did not tell you nothing because they did not learn nothing, because for what ever reason the improper test were conducted. Therefore I had to go last Monday to get more blood work drawn. If you remember two of my problems are the fact that I am retaining fluid, not just in my lung area, but all over, the other is this uric acid and the pain that it causes all over my body. I gladly went to have the blood work drawn again so maybe they could treat my uric acid levels. I received notice back from the doctor’s office that my liver number are up a little, still in normal range, my creatinine is still way to high for them to administer Indocin to me to treat the uric acid. What does that mean, well as I understand it; my kidneys are not acting right and if they administered the Indocin to me right now, that could damage my kidneys more than what they already are. I guess I will have to wait until February 25, 2008 to have more blood work drawn.

I am up to a weekly call to the lung doctor in Charleston, still waiting for that return call. He sure must be busy, but he sure is seeing my name and number a lot or at least someone is. The fluid is still about the same, for some reason I am having some pains, just minor like cutting your finger nail off in the quick, in the area of the tube, no signs of infection, guess I just needed something new to whine about.

We have gotten some great news about the future of promoting organ, eye and tissue donation. I can’t let the Possum out of the bag yet but keep praying and watching for future events that will promote this great cause. I am so proud of one thing and that is some of the same great folks are working toward this exciting future.

The other event that is so exciting is the gathering of Christian Fire Fighters, we had a wonderful meeting last month we had about 15 present and we are planning another meeting this month on February 28, 2008, the exact time and location to be announced shortly. It was an uplifting event for me as we shared what God has done for us and how we are trying to stay in God’s will and we pray for his blessings on each gathering. We have one goal at each gathering, that is to honor and praise God. We not only feed our hungry souls from God’s word but we feed our bellies, you just can’t get no better than that. Come and join us on February 28, 2008, I will let you know where and what time soon.

A note of what has been taking my time for the past week. Well you know how I love gadgets, so I upgrade my Nextel phone to a hybrid phone, Sprint voice & data with Nextel walkie-talkie. OK no big deal right, wrong. This thing has a bunch of gadgets for the gadgets and now I am at one week still trying to learn all that it can do. I can talk, text, IM, e-mail, browse the internet, play games, get directions and even carry on a conversation with just my phone with voice commands. The tech support people now know me well. I have cause things to happen to this ic902 that they did not know it could even do must less how to fix it, so I have figured some of them out. The biggest issue right now that is whopping me is the e-mail notification, it will notify me when ever it wants to or when I want to use the phone, so I have to figure out how to make it inform me without bothering me, I let you know how all this works out.

Have a great day
or night if it is already dark,

God Bless You,



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