January 22, 2008

Good Afternoon From Possum Kingdom,

I have some exciting news to tell you about, but you will only hear it right here. BREAKING NEWS, according to an expert deep in Possum Kingdom. According to the calendar and the ice on the STOP sign it is winter in Possum Kingdom. You know you can’t get this type of information just anywhere.

Now on to other news, well as you know from the last post I was in Charleston to see the doctor. He stated that all my liver number look great and the liver is doing great. The report did show an elevation in my kidney functions, so they changed my Prograf amount. They also changed some other medications around to help with some of the other number that were out of wack. I therefore had to go to see the vampires this morning so they could see if the medication change has worked. If it has then they will start to treat my uric acid which has risen and put me aching all over. So as of now I just sit and wait. I spoke with the lung doctor’s office while I was in Charleston, the doctor was out but I am awaiting on a call. The fluid is still the same amount every three days. I am not sure if you remember but I am approaching my one year anniversary for my transplant on January 29.

I am excited how God is working in my life, as he has arranged for another speaking engagement this Thursday evening with a group of fellow firefighters at Washington Baptist Church. I also have another speaking engagement coming up in March. God Is Awesome. God has also opened the doors at our church, Cedar Shoal Baptist and we have formed a new Sunday school class, The Open Arms class, I was elected as the class president and one of three teachers.
Are you attending Sunday School? If not come and join us, we are going to have fun serving & learning more about Jesus.

Praise God,

God Bless You,


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