Charleston, Doctor’s Appointment, 2008 Great Start

Hello my trusted friends and family. I am in the ole city of Charleston on a foggy Sunday night. The weather man just told me that it’s gonna get cooler here. I hope I ain’t here long enough to prove him right or wrong.

Well I am sitting in my home away from home waiting on my appointment tomorrow morning. I have had a thought about all these doctor’s visits and one thing I have came up with is statistics. Yelp if I die after January 29, 2008 I will not be a stat for MUSC since the ratings of survival are based on that first year, don’t get excited I ain’t about to be a stat, sorry.

Well it’s getting late and I really don’t have any new news, the fountain is still leaking about the same. I was tempted today at Auto Zone to buy some Stop Leak. I will give you an update after I talk with the doctor and I answer all of his questions, you know how doctors are!

God Bless You,
Good Night,



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