Allen’s Pain In The Neck

Good Tuesday Evening,

Well today is another great day that God has made. God has yet answered another prayer and performed another miracle through modern medicine. We have prayed that God’s will to be done in Brother Allen’s neck surgery. He had his surgery this morning at AnMed, he had to be there at 0530hrs and they took him to surgery at 0750hrs. I stopped this morning and had a bowl of oatmeal for him. The doctor came in about 1245hrs and said everything went well. I did not hang around any longer because you know Allen is goofy enough on his owe, I knew the hospital could not deal with Allen on drugs and me making fun of him, of course I’m gonna make fun of him anyway. God Bless You Allen. I am praying for God’s will in a speedy recovery. We must also remember Glenda & the family’s while they tend to Allen’s needs. We must also remember Allen when his good friends, like me, go by to harass him.

Well you know the weather man is not calling for much rain in the future, I understood that maybe by next fall we might get some rain! Let me tell you that the dry weather is not affecting my leak; I drained a day early and still maxed out, 1000ml or 1 liter or a good Dr. Pepper for the country folks. The good doc from Charleston has not called as of yet, you know we are limited on way out yonder phone calls.

I got a great letter from another one of my best friends today, ole Sully. You know the Yankee that moved to Charleston and then got stuck in Anderson, just our luck. Sully has an idea for leak he told me about what the Navy done in the submarines when they had a leak, nope not stop leak but duck tape. Sully decided to move away and go back home to Iowa, can you believe he chose his Mother and other family over me. Well he might have moved away but he can’t get rid of me that easy, I’m like snow to Sully just won’t go away. He told me that it may warm up to 28F or so and snow is already being measured by the foot not inch, he stated that another dusting was coming about 6 inches. Sully you should have stayed down her with me and moved the family down here with the rest of your family, but anyway it’s cold here to me, in the 60’s HaHa.

Well the youngin has been washed and Mama just got home so now it’s time to eat so I must say Good Night.

Wednesday Update – Allen is on the 7th floor at AnMed, Claire has stopped by a couple of times and said he is still in a lot of pain. I again ask for your prayers for God’s will to be done with Brother Allen’s recovery. He has probably named his pain Pel, you know a pain in the neck.

God Bless You,



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