Charleston Trip 11-29-2007

Good Morning Everyone,

Well we went for one test which meant one injection site with one dose of nuclear medicine and one day. Well you know me I am going to be different and more difficult. We arrived on Wednesday night after a good trip down. We went to the hospital for a 1000hrs appointment which they took me right on back. The procedure was to be done as a ultra sound guided catheter, of course that means guiding a needle, they were saying that they did not want to do a gut shot, I did not think I wanted that either. Well never the lest to say by nearly 1700hrs, after two injection sites and three doses of nuclear medicine and two liters of normal saline injected under my skin, suppose to be in my abdomen he put another one there, and a lot of walking, trendelenburg position, belly rubbing, gut sloshing and a lot of laying around on my sides, back and belly the doctor said for me to go to the motel and come back first thing in the morning and he would see if it had moved. We went away with me being very warped sided and now my shirt would not even fit correctly and retired for the evening to be ready to return early in the morning. Morning came and I arrived back around 0800hrs for the doctor to look at the pictures and to say well it did not work. The doctor, who is the professor of radiology told me that I was the hardest case he had ever done, he then decided to carry me to the ultra sound area and to yet inject me again using a newer ultra sound machine. The procedure is quite complicated, the site is located, Novocaine is injected, then he cuts (nicks) the skin with a scalpel then inserts spinal needle to the target area and then feeds a catheter to that area, they then inject about a liter or so if fluid, the nuclear medicine and then more fluid, and of course everything has to be sterile and a feeling within yourself to be still while watching all of this. OK so he has completed the fourth dose and all of the above issues had to be done over again and then later on after a bunch of pictures the doctor concluded that the test was negative and that the fluid in my lung area was not coming from my abdomen. He studied for a while and said he had no other test that he knew to do right now to help figure out where the fluid is coming from, so he will send the report over to my lung doctor and I am waiting patiently for the lung doctor to call with the next step. I guess to sum up the two days, there was about 11 hours of testing and I guess I did not study well, because I failed, I never was good at taking test.

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God Bless You,



One Response to “Charleston Trip 11-29-2007”

  1. corona1000 Says:

    Well, Pel-man, you always have been “one of a kind”!!That was a long painful experience to go thru but at least you eliminated one more thing…doctors work like fire investigators having to eliminate possible causes to get to the actual “origin and cause”….and we know all about that process….keep me posted and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!! Love, Marsha

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