Turkey Gone?

Well Sunday night has came and now you must stop rubbing your belly and get ready to go back to work and school. Abigail told me today how lucky I was because I could stay at home and do what I wanted, not like her having to go face school, the third grade after the Thanksgiving Holidays. Well my first thought was that no I wasn’t lucky, because I had rather be headed back to work. That was a dumb response on my part because she was right, I am lucky. I am the luckiest, no the most blessed man alive. First of all God has given me more than I deserve, just to be alive is more that I deserve and then there is my family, my friends well that stops me there. You are either my family or my friend and my friends are my family and I don’t deserve that but you are stuck with me. Remember, careful what you pray for because God answers prayers. Even if the doctors only gave me until November 2007 to live, God gave me that transplant that you prayed for, so you see I am here a whole lot longer because God answered your prayer.

This was a wonderful Thanksgiving for me and my family, one thing I love to do is cook on the smoker. I got out the ole smoker out of the loft of the barn and cleaned it up, took some hickory that Daddy cut for firewood and cut it into one inch thick chunks and soaked them in good ole Possum Kingdom water. I smoked a ham, Claire out done herself with some pan fried fresh corn, pea salad and an awesome red velvet cake. This was just a small part of the feast that we enjoyed, everyone vittles were just awesome dishes and boy did we get full. Strange things were going on after we ate, like I will never eat again and people just walking around rubbing their bellies. It was wonderful having all of the family together. Justin came down Wednesday night and stayed until he had to go back to work at May-Lan Christmas Tree Farm at 1045hrs on Thursday morning. The rest of the family arrived at Daddy & Deeda’s around 1200hrs with baskets full of goodies. It was awesome sitting at the table with all my family. Just to catch you up in case you are not sure of who all my family are. Claire & Abigail, Daddy & step-mother Deeda, sister Meleeda & Anthony with his scrapes and bruises from his wreck on Wednesday morning going to work and we thank God for his safety during the incident of the big rig (bob tailed) hitting his Nissan pickup in the drivers door at the Ware Place, step-brother Larry & Kim, step-sister Vicky & Jerry and all our kids. After we ate and the ladies cleaned up we sat around and chatted a while and then slowly one by one we all returned to our homes. Claire, Abigail & I then went on another visit, this was to see PaPa (Claire’s Daddy) so off to the lake we went and it sure was great to see him and spend some time with him. We knew this weekend was out for a visit, due to the Clemson football game on Saturday. PaPa may not be able to go to all the games but his true Clemson spirit is not getting older, because he will get his orange on and sit and watch or listen to those tigers, and I found out early on not to bother the Clemson game day.

Speaking of Saturday’s football game, Claire was planning on her way home from work as to what she had to do before she could sit down and watch the game. Well the game was well worth watching but it was even better in my house, Claire pulling for Clemson and Abigail pulling for Carolina. Well we all know how it ended!! Go Clemson.

Well the night is growing on and I must retire to bed so I can arise on time in the morning so Abigail isn’t late to school.

Claire and I will be headed to Charleston for a test this week. Keep us in your prayers and pray for my donor’s family every day.

God Bless You,



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