Urgent Prayer Request

Good Evening,

I was not sure how to get the word out the quickest and duh, I thought of the blog.

I am requesting prayer for a true dear friend of mine and yours, his name is Allen Billings (Fire Marshal – Retired). Allen is in need of our prayers because he is faced with some tough days ahead. Allen has a problem with his neck C-6 to T-2, will have to have some removal of the bone and replaced with a rod and screws. The doctors have told him to be very careful of how he moves between now and the surgery or he could be paralyzed. The surgery was set for November 27, 2007, but he had to have his heart checked out first, he has already had two open heart surgeries, one in 1982 and one stint placed in 1999 and another open heart in 2000. He went today for the ole treadmill test and after about two minutes the doctor stopped the test and instructed him as soon as a room came open at AnMed, he would be admitted. Allen is resting at the hospital tonight, awaiting his turn tomorrow for the catheterization, and if need be any other procedures the doctors see that needs to be conducted. The doctor told him that he must have his neck fixed or he could be paralyzed, but his heart had to be able to stand up to the stress of the surgery. Please pray for Brother Allen as we all know the unknown can be scary. Please pray for his wife Glenda and their children as the days ahead approach. Brother Al we love you and we are praying for you, keep you faith in God and he will see you through, for God is in control.

Please send get well wishes to
Allen & Glinda Billings
Email: agbillings@bellsouth.net

or to me Pelham Medlock
Email: lightning@wildblue.net
as I will see that they get them.

God Bless You,



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