Happy Thanksgiving Week

Good Monday Morning,
I trust that you had a wonderful week. Well down here in Possum Kingdom all things are Great because God is in it. This week has been good, but it also held it’s challenges. Daddy & I hauled some logs to the saw mill. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but Daddy had already done all the work, he cut the trees over a year ago. Daddy then loaded them on the trailer and tied them down, really all I done was drive the truck. Anyway on our second load, of course something must go wrong, it was just a small thing. Well at least that was the way we told Claire and DeDa (Joyce). The only thing that happened was just one of the straps holding the logs on the trailer broke, course we only had two on it. I slowed the trailer down and stopped and as we regained our thoughts we applied a chain and a smaller strap to the load, then Daddy discovered what caused the strap to go flying up in that yard. The strap broke due to the fact that one of our tires on the trailer had separated and broke the strap, so what do we do, we went on to the mill, very slow. God got us there and said all right boys fix this before you do something really dumb. Therefore we emptied our load and came home without the lumber due to the tire issue, on Wednesday after two return trips we had all the sewn lumber back in Possum Kingdom. I had grown very tired during the week and was having a lot of stomach pain, so Daddy & DeDa started stacking the lumber and a little after dinner (12:00PM) the lumber was stacked safely away. I retired to my chair at the house and have remained there through out the week. I picked Abigail up at school on Friday, after her trip to the Upcountry Museum and discovered that she to was sick. Claire came home from work Friday sick as well. Claire had to carry Abigail to the doctor on Sunday afternoon and she has strep throat and will be out of school Monday and Tuesday. Claire was hurting so when she came home Friday that she had made an appointment to see her doctor on Monday. On Friday, Dr. Sahan’s office called and advised me that they had scheduled the nuclear medicine test for me on November 29, 2007 in Charleston. I guess he just wanted an after Thanksgiving gathering in Charleston. They will skeet some nuclear (glowing stuff) in my belly and see if it winds up in my chest, sound like fun? I am not sure what kind of prize I will win if it does wind up in my chest, maybe it will be something fun? Then after the the prize ceremony they will then skeet some other nuclear (glowing stuff) in my foot and that is suppose to show them where the leak is, I’m still thinking stop leak is all I need! I am just not sure how soon after one test the next test will be and then when the leak stopping, or patching will be? I sure hope this Thanksgiving turns out different that last year, because if you remember I spent the Thanksgiving Holidays with the fine folks at AnMed Hospital, and my family sneaking in turkey, they could have brought just a little more. This year I am going to be standing by when the turkey is ready so I can taste first, to see if it is done, then I will need to test just before everyone eats to be sure it is warm, and then one final taste to be sure it has not sit out to long, last year the turkey they brought me just sang and danced. My family thought it was funny, but it was hard to eat, I don’t think it was done.
Well any way I sure do have a lot to be thankful for, do you? I want to Thank God for saving my soul and allowing me to live through this transplant and all the other wonderful blessings he gives me each day. I am so thankful to my donor’s family, to allow him to Donate Life. I have a wonderful family that I am so proud of and thankful for. My wife Claire, she sure took each one of those words she spoke on June 19, 1996 to it’s true limit, you know the part about in sickness and in health, she could have threw me away and who could have blamed her, but I thank God she kept me. I have Justin, our son who has stood tall as a man and took care of us all and Abigail, our daughter who always wanted to be there with her Daddy and still keeps me young, both I am so proud of and I am so thankful of. I have Daddy & DeDa who has stood by us each step of the way, you know I am suppose to be helping them but they are still helping me. I have Meleeda & Anthony who was always there with us and at home with us. I have so many other family and friends that has helped us in so many ways, from raising money to visits and phone calls, but most of all I have all of you who have always been there for me and my family through your prayer, I could never thank ya’ll enough. I thank God for our millitary men and women and their families, pray that they remain safe. OK so I have sit here late at night or early in the morning I should say, writing what I thought to myself was going to be short and now you have a knot on your head from banging it on the monitor, so wake up. I hope that you take that extra moment and tell the ones around you that you love them and thank them for being there for you. I sure do love you and thank you for being there for me, this thing is not over so keep praying and don’t be surprised that one day I come knocking on your door just to whine and cry on your shoulder. If you have a friend you have not talked with in a while, stop and do it, hug your Mama and Daddy or at least call them and let them know how much you love them, you never know when you won’t have that chance again. If you have not ask Jesus into your heart do it now and tell everyone, we all have been praying for you, you never know when it will be to late. What will you leave behind? Will your soul go where your Mama always prayed it would go? Have you made you decision to Donate Life, if so have you told your family, tell them over the Holiday, remember 18 people will die each day waiting on a life saving transplant. If you remember November 2007 was my project death date, but Thank God my donor’s family decided to Donate Life.

I hope each one of you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday, be thankful unto God who all things belong to.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Love Ya,



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