Doctor’s Vist in Charleston on Friday 10-5-2007

Well Hello My Beloved Friends,

I wanted to give you an update on my last Charleston, 10-5-2007. This was one that we were looking forward to, since we were going to see Dr. Sahn and his team. The last time we spoke with them was about a month ago when I was in the hospital. I went in for my appointment and I had a PFT – pulmonary function test. This kind of reminds me when we have to do the test for firefighting and the folks at North Greenville Fitness would give us that cardboard tube and make you take a deep breath and blow it out and they keep yelling blow, blow, blow, keep blowing, keep blowing and them you realize that you just blew out one eyeball and then they tell you to stop. Well this test was just like that except they made me do it three times, must have failed cause they gave me some medication that I had to breath, I think it was to keep your eyeballs glued in and then they made me do it three more times. I had one excuse, at least I tried to use it, I have to drain my lung cavity ever three days and Friday was the third day. Over all they compared my test scores from a year ago, and I guess I have gotten dumber, because my score went down this time 28% to 30%. I am still however sucking in good air, my level was 97%, you know when they stick that close pin with that red light on your finger. I then had to go have a chest x-ray, don’t know but I think Claire put them up to that to try and see if I had a heart, I sure do. I then saw Dr. Sahn and two of his FELLOWS, that is a speciality in the medical field, not just good ole boys, why some of us are smarter than we thought, cause people be calling us fellers for a long time, like look at them dumb fellers climbing that tree after that possum. Anyway Dr. Sahn and the other two doctors talked about a lot of different things and then Dr. Sahn sat down and told me that right now I was still a mystery, he said he did not think it was bad but he just did not know why I had this fluid. They then talked some more doctor talk with those five and eight cylinder words and they sent me for more test. I went down to the bronc sweet, that’s the place where they stab you in the back or shove a tube down your nose or mouth. This time was different for me, those kind nurses hooked me up and drained my chest cavity, no stabbing in the back this time, but they got about 800ml out. Then just when I though I had gotten through the day with out being stuck, right there after them draining me with no sticking, she gigged me right there in the left arm, and drew blood. After that enjoyable stop I then went to the ultrasound area for an ultrasound of my liver and all of my belly, you know that took some time cause that’s a lot of belly to cover, after that we headed to Possum Kingdom and it sure was great to be home.

Thanks for all your prayers and calls and all the other ways you help us.

God Bless You,



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