What A Full Month – October

Hello folks,

Just to bring you up to date, I am still looking for that buyer, becasue I am still producing fluid, found out it won’t run a gasoline engine. In other words drained it again Saturday, still draining every three days, and I filled the bottle up, 550ml and that was not all. I just decided not to open another kit, I have been trying to hold out til today for my third day draining again. Home health care is coming today to discharge us. Claire and I have passed the test and proved we could manage this task on our own. The home health care people are just great people to have around you and I am sorry to see them go, but there is sick people out there that needs them a whole lot more than me, still good byes are sad.

Daddy pulled a good one on me yesterday, we had been talking about cutting hay, well weeds, and we said we was going to cut the hay soon. I came home yesterday from picking up Abigail and the hay was being cut, so yelp he is doing great also.

This week is a special week for us, we will be in Charleston on Friday to see Dr. Sahn, the lung doctor, we are hoping he has came up with the cause of the fluid and then will know how to stop it.

Next week, on October 12, 2007 I have plans to help with the Clergy Appreciation Luncheon a Donate Life SC event and then on the 15th I will go to see Dr. Willner in Charleston, and we then will return to Charleston on the 20th for a Family Day that MUSC puts on, and on the 21st I will be headed to Myrtle Beach for the NC/SC IAAI, I sure am looking forward to that, they are even going to let me talk a few minutes, I will attend the classes and set up a booth for Donate Life SC.

God Is An Awsome God.

Pray for my Donor’s Family
Pray for my family
I will pray for you

God Loves Us All,

God Bless You,



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