The Strickland Family

My dear friends join me as I pray for this dear family, my extension family.

All Mighty God please wrap you loving arms around this dear family in this time of sadness.
All Mighty God we know you make no mistakes and as you have called another child home please God comfort and bless each one here on earth that is coming to grips with this reality.
God we know that to live we too shall die, we know that leaving this earth is a rejoicing time in heaven so please comfort us in this time and remind us moment by moment that you make no mistakes.

All Mighty God we understand that you are in control and we thank you for the wonderful times we have had with Gary, (Son, Christian, Husband, Father & Brother Firefighter). Thank You for being in control. God I pray that your will be done in the lives that Gary has touched while you allowed us the privilege to spend time with him.

Oh God we know that Gary only feels peace now, no more suffering. God as you have showed us time and time again you are with us always even on our final call.

God please bless each family member and each friend and help them to smile instead of frowning because Angles are singing and welcoming a new Angles home and all are praising you, All Mighty God.

Thank You God for allowing me to pray to you,

For it is in the name of Jesus Christ I pray,



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