Hot, Sweet, Possum Kingdom – We are home!

Hello My Dear Family & Friends,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I went to MUSC hospital this morning and had two pictures made, funny thing they never told me to smile. I then went to see the surgeon. They took the five staples out , took the bandage off said everything looked good and ask if I had any troubles, I said no. They said to call if I have any problems and to let them know when I will be coming back after these next few visits, I said OK and we left.

Daddy & I went to the Market and went to the Charleston Crab House and ate Shrimp & Grits, just awesome. You know I had to carry Daddy because the last time he went to a restaurant in Charleston he got a bowl of grits and a bowl of fried shrimp, not quite the same.

Well got to go and finish home work with Abigail.

As you all know I am a proud Daddy of my son’s football coaching, tomorrow night at 1730hrs. Rock Hill High School will be playing in Mauldin against Mauldin High School. First chance I have had to get to go watch him coach.

God Bless You All and Thank You,



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