Attention Business Minded People

Only Interested Person should respond.

Marketing Specialist

Item to Market

Never Before Sold (Anywhere)

Liquid Gold

OK enough of my silliness, just putting a little humor on the fact that I am still producing fluid! I made this offer to the doctors, but they did not seem to think there was a market, they are probably right. I am still producing about 400ml to 550ml ever three days and just pouring it down the drain.

Well today is another wonderful day that God has made and I am just proud to be in it.

Daddy & I have traveled down to the wonderful city of Charleston for a visit with my surgeon and then we will be headed back to Possum Kingdom.

Sorry for the lack of postings, but our router is down and I just have not felt like fooling with the computer.

Well to catch you up on what has been happening.
I returned home after the surgery and have continued to whine about hurting, but the pain is getting better. Life sure is simpler, being able to drain the fluid at home on my schedule. We have gotten our lives back to normal, at least Abigail in school and Claire back to work.

I will be coming back to Charleston on October 4th to see the lung doctor and maybe they have figure out what is causing this fluid, I will let you know.

I hope you have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow.

God Bless You,



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