August 22,2007

August 22, 2007

Hello everyone, we are still here at MUSC. Pelham had CT scans and ultrasounds today and another diagnostic thoracentesis. The Doctors here say the pleurodesis he had last week was a failure, the fluid is back in his lung and is still leaking into his abdomen and flank area. They have many ideas of what is causing it, but nothing factual yet until the results of the test are back. One theory is that because of the liver transplant itself, a track from the liver to the lung had developed and the fluid around his liver was leaking into his lung and when the pressure built up so much in the lung it began leaking into his abd. Another theory is there may be a clot in a vessel causing the fluid build up. No one know for sure just yet, but the goal is to find out what is causing the fluid to accumulate and fix that. He may need another chest tube, another surgery to repair the tract, but they give us hope the cause will be found. WE appreciate all of you, the doctors back home, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Buice, Dr. Kopp all of them have been wonderful. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks



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