A Liquid Problem In A Dry Season!!

Good Afternoon Folks,

Hello my dear family & friends I just wanted to give you a quick update. The doctor feels it is best to go ahead with the surgery to fix the fluid in my lung area. I have an appointment with the surgeon in the morning. I then have to go to the cardiologist and have an echocardiogram to make sure the fluid is not building up around my heart, he don’t think it is but want’s to be sure. The answer he has right now is that my body is identifying something is in there that ain’t suppose to be. My auto-immune system is sending out this fluid with inflammation to try to find what is the intruder, the anti-rejection meds are working, therefore it can’t find that my liver is new, so we won’t tell it. He said that the fluid was working more on a pressure theory than a volume theory, this is my words not his 6 cylinder words, therefore when they fix the area around my lung, once it reaches a set amount of pressure in my body it would quite making the fluid and should over time just go away. He said it would affect all my joints and organs that are in a sack, membrane.

Heck I guess he knows what he is talking about, he’s got letters before his name and after his name, so who am I to question? My feeling is bring on the knife and let’s get R dun!! I do wonder if when they put the talc powder, he said that was like baby powder, a medical grade, if when I sneeze I will blow a little puff of powder out, guess I would always have powder fresh breath.

Words Of Wisdom

If you ever enter a dark room, you know one with out lights, and you are not careful and leave the door open to long you will let all of the dark out.

God Bless You & Your Family,



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