Speaking Engagement & Doctor Update

Good Evening,

God is Great all the time to you and I.

God has again blessed me and has given me another opportunity to share my blessings. Please join Preacher Larry Baldwin, the great people at Hillcrest Baptist Church at 1300 Anderson Dr. Williamston, SC and me on Sunday night July 22, 2007. If you have not signed up to be an organ donor yet this would be a great time and place.

Remember if you have already signed up to Donate Life be sure your next of kin knows your wishes.

Watch for and purchase the Donate Life SC tags when your vehicle tag need to be replaced, this will help raise awareness.

This will be a short update, but I wanted to bring you up to date. I have tried not to complain to much but since May, when I had the (Pleural Effusion) this means fluid in the space between my lung & my chest wall, I have not felt as good as I had been feeling. I have been blaming it on the heat. In the past two weeks I have not felt good at all, I have gotten winded when doing nothing. In the past few days things starting getting worst, but on Monday I had to confess to Claire about not feeling good, of course she already knew. I went to see Dr. Kopp yesterday and he said I had the Pleural Effusion again, and he sent me to have a chest x-ray. The x-ray showed the Pleural Effusion was worst than it was back in May. Dr. Kopp then sent me to see Dr. Thompson a pulmonolotgist, a lung doctor. I seen Dr. Thompson today and he had some blood work done and has set me up for a ultrasound guided thoracentesis, in other words they are going to stick in a needle through my back and drain the fluid out, they will then perform studies on the withdrawn fluids, I may have to identify what fires they will be looking at. I have an appointment to see Dr. Thompson again next week to find out what has caused the fluid to build up and also find out what the studies on the fluid showed.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and God Bless You & Your Family.



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