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Hot Days In Possum Kingdom

May 31, 2007

Good Day Every One,

Well all is well in Possum Kingdom, I have hit one of those bumps in the road, I think it was just a small piece of sand. I have some fluid (Pleural Effusion) that has built up on my lung(s). This means fluid in the space between my lung & my chest wall. It felt like I had been in a real bad wreck, but everything was fine except I felt like I broke all of my ribs. I don’t know what a broke rib feels like and this was a pain I had never had before. It only hurt when I took a breath. I found that if I was still and took small breaths I was OK. I do however feel better, the thick air and heat today has kept me in the AC. I have forwarded all the information to MUSC and they will advise me as to what may have cause it and what to do about it. The nurse did not brag on me to much when I told her it hurt when I hit a bump on the tractor or four wheeler. Claire, of course said I had done too much, can I argue she is a grouchy ER Nurse, and I am always wrong. She has the whole hospital on her side. All I have is my brothers and sisters in the fire service and my brothers and sisters in law. Some people think these professions are questionable because who in their right mind would run into a burning building, and who in their right mind would run to a location where there has been a report of shots fired. I do however have the good ole boys from Possum Kingdom, so you can see I am going to lose that battle.

Daddy is improving each day, he started therapy on May 29, 2007 and he said the lady told him she was not there to hurt him only to help, he said she did not hurt him. He is in good sprits, resting well and has already been walking around outside. He will probably be talking about how the bumps on the tractor hurt him also, bet he will lose the battle also.

While I have been sitting here in the quite of Possum Kingdom, drinking a glass of Happy Cow milk, I wanted to share a letter with you that was written by a
Physician Assistant about Happy Cow Milk.

“As a Physician Assistant in a growing integrative medicine practice in Easley, SC, I have had to do my research on dairy products. Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) are two very healthy, necessary fats that we all need in our diets. The first, omega 3, raises our level of good cholesterol, helps lower triglycerides and aids in brain function. You get higher levels of omega 3 in animal products when the animals have been fed their natural diets and not? bulked up? With grains such as corn and soy. The second, CLA, has been proven to aide in weight loss; and is found in animal products when the animals are raised in a stress free environment. In my professional opinion the Happy Cow Creamery has the highest quality dairy products of any I know. I have had many patients improve their health drinking Happy Cow’s whole fat milk and dairy products. One man in particular who followed the diet laid out in our Natural Bariatric Program, which relies heavily on Happy Cow products, was able to lose 35 lbs and greatly improve his lipid profile and glucose control in only 3 months with no medication. On 10/15/2006 his numbers were as follows: Total cholesterol 204, triglycerides 227, HDL (good cholesterol) 29, LDL (bad cholesterol) 130, and HgbA1C (which is a 3 month average blood sugar level that is best kept below 5.5) 6.3. On 1/11/2007 they were: total cholesterol 173, triglycerides 128, HDL 34, LDL 113 and HgbA1C 5.5. These are improvements that any medicine would be proud of, but only diet and lifestyle were used. This one of many success stories I have seen when people include Happy Cow Creamery’s dairy products in their healthy diet and lifestyle.”

Cheryl Middleton PA-C

LivingWell Integrative Healthcare

Easley, SC


As you know by now I am sold whole heartedly on Happy Cow products. I will drink about 2 gallons of whole milk a week and about a gallon of butter milk a week. I know some have had some questions about the process, but the milk is Grade A Pasteurized and in the whole milk the ingredients are Whole Milk. In the Cultured Whole Butter Milk the butter milk is Grade A Pasteurized and the ingredients are Whole Milk, Culture and Salt.
In my opinion “You can’t get no better than that!”

Tom told me how the body needed and used the ingredients in these milks, I told him I liked the whole milk but I just could not drink butter milk, because I did not like it. He told me of the cleansing values the butter milk had and how it helped cleansed the liver. I told him again how I did not like the taste of butter milk. He then ask me if I liked being sick and I said no, he said just drink a glass of Happy Cow Butter Milk each night, now I love the taste and will drink much more than a small glass at night. My weight has been maintaining about the same, around 260 lbs and all the doctors are happy, big improvement from the 350 lbs before my liver transplant. I give God all the credit, God made the cows happy and perfect for all Gods creatures, God gave Big Tom and Lil Tom the knowledge to know and understand the gift of nature, they also know how to keep Happy Cows happy. Big Tom and Lil Tom have bottled Bovine Wine and they share it with the rest of us.

God Is Great All The Time!

Claire & I have finally closed on our house in Anderson. We just wanted to let you know that if you ever need a Realtor contact
Jennifer Robinson with Century 21 Anderson Properties, Inc. at
864-225-7000 she will do much more than she has to. One thing for sure she will do exactly what she says she will sell your house. If you are shopping for a house she will find you one.
Thanks Jen, Paul & Family for what you have done for us.

Well I must go now; I have an appointment with Dr. Kopp in Anderson.

Have a Great Day or Great Night if it’s already dark.

God Bless You,



Happenings in Possum Kingdom wif da Medlocks

May 23, 2007

Good Day or Good Night if it already dark,

I hope you did not think I had forgotten about keeping you up on my progress, but a lot of things are going on in Possum Kingdom and I am feeling so great I have been busy outside of the computer. I do however have a lot of things to bring you up to date on.

First of all

Words Of Wisdom

If you ever have an upset stomach heat up some Coke (drink not smoke) in the microwave until all the bubbles are gone, Caution contents will be hot once remove from microwave, then just a little kick of lime and drink it down once it is cool or even cold, stomach ache gone.

Ok on to the news, on April 30, 2007 I saw Dr. Willner in Charleston and he was very pleased with all of my blood work and he also removed several medications from my pile. I am now only taking 7 medications now verses when I was so sick I was taking about 24. He told me that I would know my limitations now; he did not have to tell me. You know he was right, I though just because I had no limitations I could do anything, but I did however find some self correcting events that I tried and won’t try them again soon. Dr. Willner also doesn’t want to see me until June 18, 2007, about two months so my visits to Charleston are getting cut back. I have still maintained my weight loss and I am right at 260lbs that verses 350lbs this time last year, Thank You God.

One issue that has kept me busy for the last months has been that we finally sold our house in Anderson, Thank You God. This however created a whole new list of items for me to do. The luck I have also created addition work, just a for instance, I needed to replace the vinyl in the hall bathroom, no big deal right. I pulled the old vinyl up and noticed a discoloration on the sub floor, I picked at it and then determined that it should be replace, I wound up replacing about half of the sub flooring then replacing the vinyl. The vinyl was another issue when Daddy replaced the kitchen floor there was enough to replace the hall bathroom, except when I went to replace it, it was 11 inches short. God is in control and I am still along for the ride, and as always God had every thing worked out. Now we are trying to do the closing, we have just received our third date and time for the closing, but the best thing is no one is waiting on me, at least I don’t think so.

On May 21, 2007 I had a check up with my local doctor, Dr. Kopp and he is so pleased with how everything is going. He even replied that I looked great and he asks if I had looked in the mirror lately. I told him yelp, I just did not tell him about the mirror breaking. He is so happy with all my blood work and blood pressure he said he did not want to see me for two months. That’s from two different doctors; makes me wonder if they are trying to see me the Monday after the Saturday bath, or they are just tired of seeing me.

On May 21, 2007 Daddy received a phone call from his doctor and he wanted to change his surgery from Thursday May 24, 2007 to Tuesday May 22, 2007. This turned out good for Daddy that gave him two less days to worry and to work us all less. His surgery went great he had his right shoulder replaced. The doctor stated that he was not sure how he had handled the pain for so long. He stated all went just as he wanted it to but it was a challenge. The challenge was due to the fact that Daddy had worn his shoulder out so that the socket on the shoulder was flat, nothing but bone and the head of the humerus; the ball was also worn flat. He used a reverse method where he used screws to hold the prosthetic in place instead of glue, because there was such bad arthritis and wearing down of the bone. The doctor however was pleased and said he would be in the hospital for pain management until Friday, but today 5/23/2007 they started therapy. In about two months he will be having his left shoulder replaced. I just wonder if the new shoulders will last another 68 year like his olds ones.

On May 30, 2007 my brother in-law Pastor Anthony Kelley will be meeting with a surgeon to discuss removing his gizzard, no I mean his gall bladder. He just wanted some of that liver attention. Please keep Anthony and my sister Meleeda and their church family in you prayers.

On June 18, 2007 I will be traveling back down to Charleston for another check up with Dr. Willner.

Claire, Abigail & Justin are all doing great, and again we all want to thank you for your prayers and support to our entire family.

Claire is continuing her college education, she is trying to get as smart as me, I hate to tell her it ain’t gonna happen, you know how women are they never listen.

Abigail and I are gonna have a wonderful summer doing a whole lot of nothing but what we want to do.

Justin will be staying in Rock Hill this summer; he has two jobs at Winthrop and also landed another coaching job, Rock Hill High this year, with the 9th grade football team. Yelp I am a proud Daddy .

We Love Ya’ll,
God Bless Ya’ll,