The Good Doctor

We, Claire & I, arrived at MUSC this morning (Monday 3/5/2007) about 0715hrs to have my visit with the vampires, I could just about get the blood out myself and even put it in the right color tubes.

Abigail sure was upset about this trip, she had to stay with Papa & Deede. She told Claire that she had been on every trip and she needed to be there to hear what the doctor had to say, she just did not want to hear it over the phone. She was not able to go but she was happy, Deeda kept her busy, they even baked cookies after school. They started their PACT testing at school this week.

We found out today that I only had to receive 8 units of blood, a far less amount than what could have been required. ( I think I spilt two units when I blew open my juggler veins, and they give a rough bath after you make a mess like.)

My liver numbers as The Good Doctor stated looked beautiful, never had liver and beautiful in the same sentence before, but boy does that verbiage sound great to me know.

I have been having a little pain under my left arm in the middle if my ribs and it sometimes hurts to the touch, then it will move around to my back. The Good Doctor ordered ex rays of my spine and ribs, he said you know we had you stretched open pretty wide. He doesn’t think it is much but he ordered ex rays so that we would know.
(It is probably where they threw me under that bush hog with the one good blade and one bad blade, I think the bad blade just got me in the ribs, it sure made me blue from neck to knees, that bad blade did.)

The Good Doctor said every thing looked wonderful and he would see me in two weeks.

The Good Doctor also said I could drive next Monday. I told Claire to increase the gas budget because come Monday I have got to go. She ask me where I had to go, I told her I did not know, but I was going to drive till I figured it out, might just come see you.

We then had to go see the diabetes folks, and they again cut my insulin back to 10 units in am & 10 units at PM. She stated that maybe by the next visit to Charleston 3/19/2007 that maybe I could go on down to just a pill and no more insulin.

God Bless You,



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