Good News!!!!

Daddy has been released from the hospital, he will have to stay in Charleston for several weeks, having to have blood work and check ups every day, but he is out of the hospital. He broke the record of transplant to release. They are not real sure when we will be able to come back to Possum Kingdom Memorial, but he is so glad to just be out of the hospital. The hospital staff was great to all of us, and words could never express how much we appreciate all they have done. Thanks again for all the prayers that have been coming our way, and please continue to keep praying, Daddy has made great progress, but we still have a long way to go too, and the Lord has been great to us, and we know that he will continue to do so, but just keep the prayers coming.


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  1. ihood-bell Says:


  2. ihood-bell Says:

    Hey Pelham,

    So glad to hear you are doing better. We just recently found out that you were sick.

    We will be monitoring your progress and keep you in our prayers.

    Please write when you are able and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

    Much love and the best of wishes to you and your family.

    Ren and Iris

  3. C-Shift Says:

    Glad to hear all is going well with you and your family. It is amazing and a miracle that God has blessed you and your doctors with the knowledge to perform such great work. I am happy for the talents of the doctors. Thank you for your influence on me as a firefighter, Mason, but most of all a Christian. With continued prayers, Nathan A Welch

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