WOW another week,

We got the report from Charleston and my MELD score is 20 now, so I must have blood work conducted each month.

Ever stop and think about how lucky we are. We have a loving God who sent sent his son to die for you and I. We live in a country that we are free to worship as we please. We have people who study and spend their life in research to find cures or releif to the many troubles we all have. I can stop and thank God for my health, because all I have to do is look around and find someone else in much more pain and a much grimmer look on the out come.

You know when we make trips to Charleston they are not wasted, due to the fact that all of family there with me is Christians. In other words there are a lot of witnessing going on, and not just at the hospital. Always remember you must always let others see Jesus in you even without speaking a word.

Thanks for the visits, calls and prayers. Please don’t stop.

God Bless You,



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