Happy New Year, I hope all is well in 2007 for each of you, and I know God has been good to you because he is always good to all of us, even when we don’t deserve it. My family and I along with you thought by the time 2007 arrived I would be recovering from the transplant, but we all know that it has just not been the right time and only God knows the right time. Claire, Abigail & I will be traveling to Charleston tomorrow for a follow up visit and blood work on Monday, we should be returning home on Monday. I have had several good days this week, the doctors have been able to lower my fluid retention and that has made me feel better. I still have 30 to 40 pounds of fluid, but they don’t want to remove it to fast for fear of dehydration. Justin and a couple of his friends spent several days of their winter break painting our house in Anderson, twice. What wonderful guys who would spend their free time working for us and then not charging us a dime for their work. Yeah I am bragging on my son and the choice of great friends he has, Guys thank you so much. Of course there is my wonderful Daddy, whom I should be doing things for him and spent the day on my roof in Anderson conducting repairs, we are so blessed. My sister Meleeda has also put some elbow grease in some of the cleaning. My cousins spent there Saturday digging in a stopped up toilet and yet did not give up until the clog was fixed. Then there is Claire’s friends from the hospital, who has spent countless hours cleaning up at the house in Anderson. We also have the best retaliator in the word, Jennifer and her wonderful husband Paul who has never given up on us, worked with us until the renters were moved out then hauled off trash X 5 loads, yet won’t accept any payment. Paul has also repaired the HVAC just to help out. Then of course there is Abigail who has spent time there with me, and on Thursday I was changing the door knobs. When we finished one she said I am going to take the other one off, I thought sure, but about five minutes later she had removed all of the hardware and was waiting on me to put the new one in. OK so I am bragging but Claire & I want everyone to know how much it means to us for the help we have received.

We Love You,
God Bless You,
Pel, Claire, Abigail & Justin


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