Happy Past Merry Christmas,

Just thought I would get on here and say a few words. As most of you who know me, and know that I have note been posting things you probably guessed that I did feel good and that is right.

Today is not much change, Abigail wanted me to fix the computer for her so here I am.

Well we have had one other call that we did not tell everyone about, Charleston called on Saturday night around 2200hrs. They advised me that they may have a possible match but it was real early in the process, and they stated they would call back later. On the morning of December 24, Claire had to go to work so she called Charleston to see what she should do. Charleston advised that the liver was not going to work for me, so off to work Claire went.

We had a wonderful Christmas just sharing with the family, I think Abigail got more than she should have, but Santa sure was good to her and the rest of the family.

I was also honored to be asked and felt like going to Anderson County Fire HQ to read the Christmas Story, that sure was a blessing to me.

Well I must go now and get ready to go to see the doctor, hopefully he will increase some of my meds to get this fluid off of me, I have about 30lbs of fluid that get tough some times. But I am able to manage al of this because of my family & friends like you, always checking, praying, calling and visiting.

God Bless,
We Love You All,
The Medlocks

Happy New Year


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  1. Sandy Chamblee, T-1 Says:

    Man..I really was hoping (praying) for that liver to come around christmas… BUT…It sure was GREAT to hear you telling of the First Christmas!! as always. That was a real treat for my whole family…especially this year!! I tried to call ya but soo many others were hollering at ya that I couldn’t get through; so I just figured I’d wait and write. You and your family are forever in our prayers and I hope that you know that if you ever need ANYTHING…I’m there.

    I love ya, Bro give Clair, Justin, and miss Abigail my love.

    ACFD T-1

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