Friday Night In Possum Kingdom………….

Well all I can figure is Claire must be getting old, cause here we are sitting at home with warm ups on and talking about how cold it is getting outside. That should be enough said to get me put out in the cold, when she reads this, of course she did go to Palmetto.

On to conversations with MUSC, I spoke with them today and they have received my blood work results. My MELD score now is 19 and they have reactivated me on the list. They said that my score was high enough to put me at the top, now that’s not to say # 1 or # 2 or any number, they just said that put me at the top, and there are other folks listed on the O blood type list also. In case I have not explained this before there is a lot of factors that come into play when the candidate is chosen for the transplant. First of all who ever is the sickest at the time, MELD score the highest. Then there is other factor that is taken into account, some that have been explained to me but my simple mind just did not grasp, therefore I can not repeat. One factor I do remember, just as the county song says size matters. Yelp who would have guessed, livers don’t come in one size fits all.

Some folks have been asking how I have been feeling since I got out of the hospital. The ole infected leg is a thing of the past according to the blood work. I have over all not felt great; I am back to the feeling of a bullfrog on steroids. I know that retaining fluid is a part of the big picture but it sure isn’t any fun. One thing is since I have lost the weight that I needed to, now I feel like a fat man again who only wants to wear sweat pants and slip on shoes.

Now on to other comments; I hope every one has had a safe and happy fire prevention week. To my brothers and sisters in the fire service I know that every week is fire prevention week and most of all the ones you can’t prevent be sure you are safe and walk away knowing you did your best and you kicked the dragon’s butt.
To my brothers and sisters in the SCIAAI , NCIAAI & IAAI and any other arson investigators headed down to Myrtle Beach to the joint conference, first of all I hope each of you know how much you mean to me and my family and how much I miss being with you at the conference. I hope you have a week of wonderful weather, training and fellowship. Train hard and learn much because the maggots and mini-maggots are training and learning to try to outsmart you. Maybe before the conference is over I will be sending you news that I am headed to Charleston, but if it’s not God’s will that will be OK also. Thank each of you for your prayers, cards, phone calls and donations for my family and I, we thank you and love you more that you will ever know.

God Bless You All,
The Medlocks


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