The Wife’s Spill

I know you guys thought you wasn’t gonna hear from me, but guess what? Gotcha, cause here I is.

You know when you’re going on a long trip with the kids and it is helpful to have DVD, books, etc… to make the trip a little less nerve racking? Well this here Blog does the same for us cause we get to vent and talk to all out friends during out “trip” to transplant land and it helps us tremendously. Thank You all for it, and being there during this time.
Its funny how things happen in our lives, we all plan, have goals, and dream of what we would like our life to be, but guess what? You want to hear God laugh?? Tell Him your plans!!! You know why? cause Daa, its not for us to make them! If you would talk to the Man upstairs every now and then through prayer, or read his book, you might get a hint of how to plan your lives. Let we warn you. Unfortunately, I have had first hand experience my friends. You can avoid God, rebuke Him, ignore Him, all you want and live like He dont exist, but Warning!!, listen very close! If God really wants you to listen to him and you ignore him like a stubborn child, believe me folks, He will put you on your knees! Your awakening can be harsh and painful, but you will finally come to the conclusion and say OK Father God, I hear you already. But dont be mad about it and don’t be stubborn cause He is in control of your life people. I dont care how you try to say no, He has the last word, whether you like it or not. So much for that testimony. You can tell I’am kin to Pel, you hand around him long enough, it just comes out of you. You talk about God alot and talk too much, Ha Ha.

Today is a sad day for Pel, cause it marks the end of his 22 years in the Fire Service. It didn’t take me long to realize Pel’s priorities when we started dating 12 years ago, #1 was GOD, #2 was the Fire Service and then we fell in there somewhere. Pel always gave his 110% to the Fire Service and the Brothers that served with him. He never minded or complained about a call in the middle of a cold winter’s night, he always went . I am very proud of him and his devotion to God and his family and friends. Pel is a wonderful Christian, Husband, Father, son and Brother. I have been blessed to have him in my life.

We are still waiting on that magic call from those folks in Charleston, I have faith in the people there, and I figure they know what they are doing, so we are trying to wait patiently. I am going to have to change the summer clothes packed in out suitcases to winter ones soon .

Please keep on with the prayers and phone calls and thanks again for all you have done for us, it will never be forgotten! You guys are the best.



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  1. Pel Medlock (Lightning) Says:

    Well I am so proud to have you as my wife, and thank you for putting up with me. I am the one that is blessed.

    I am also pround that you figured out how to log in and post something.

    I Love You,

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