Welcome To Pelham Medlock’s Website…

This site has been created for Pelham Medlock and his family and friends. Pelham will use this site to give personal updates on his progress before, during, and after his liver transplant by using this site as a personal blog or by posting audio messages here. He will also be able to view messages, pictures, and well wishes from his family and friends. Our hope is that this interaction will allow Pelham to stay in touch with those he loves as well as provide all of his family and friends with accurate and up-to-date accounts on his progress.

We will also use this site to get word out concerning fund raising events. Help us spread the word about the activities that are being planned. Invite your friends and family members to get involved. Check this site weekly and help us raise the funds necessary so that Pelham and his family will not have the additional stress of medical bills.

Good luck Pel!!!


8 Responses to “”

  1. T-1 Sandy Says:

    Pel, we love you! You and your family will continue to be in our prayers daily! You know that all you’ve got to do is holler if you need anything…we’re here for y’all anytime day or night!!!

    God be with you!
    Rob, Sandy & Ethan Chamblee Burgess

  2. dean Says:

    Just a short note to friend, Pelham and his wonderful family to let you know that teh Douglas family stands beside you, ready help in any way possible. Sick children kept me from giving blood the other Saturday, but I will go the next opportunity I get. You know I love ya like a brother. Dean Douglas

  3. juliejwlz Says:


    Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you! The Fire Department really reached out to our whole family when she was ill. I told her when she went through her stem cell transplant that God had bigger plans in store for her than anything any of us could begin to understand and HE DID! My whole family continues to keep you in our prayers!

    God Speed!
    Julie Thompson
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  4. Sully Says:

    Hey little brother, Mom and the kids say hi. There are a lot of prayers headed your way from this neck of the woods.

    Love you and God bless,

    PS: Madison wants to know when you might be comming to visit!

  5. Todd Says:

    Hey brother,

    Love this format. Sorry I haven’t called in the last couple days. We pray for you everyday. Remember if God leads you to it, he will lead you through it!

    love you bro!

  6. Yardbird Says:

    I don’t know where to start execpt to say that I knew 20 years ago when we became friends that you were more than just a friend you were and are my brother. there have been more times than I can count that you have been there for me and my family when we needed you, God don’t put people like you on this earth often, you are a speical person to each and everyone of us, and even if you don’t know it you have made a difference in so many peoples lives. We are ALL praying for you and your family, and will be thru this process.
    Take care and God bless you.
    Love ya Bro..
    Yardbird & Family

  7. Tim Dickson Says:

    Pel,hope all is well with you and your family.Y
    ou’re in our thoughts and prayers.If you need anything just gives a yell .

    Love and prayers!
    Tim, Missy & Logan Dickson

  8. Keith, Michelle & Kyle Sonefelt Says:

    Pel, Just wanted to let you know that Michelle, Kyle and I are thinking about you. Hope things are well and I hope that things are working out for you. If you need anything give us a call.

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